Guarantee the testing ability of product qualification rate

Update:16 Mar
The company has 20MN (2000 tons) compression shear testing machine, rubber vulcanizer, rubber tensile testing machine, other testing equipment (including aging test box, ultrasonic flaw detector, grinding machine, coating thickness gauge, plasticity testing machine), etc. 12 units. All laboratory personnel have been trained and qualified by the Chemical Industry Rubber Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and must issue the rubber product quality supervision and inspection personnel job certificate. The testing equipment, testing capabilities and laboratory personnel can fully meet the production, processing and testing needs of the company's four major categories of products. So as to ensure the realization of the company's quality goals (the qualified rate of the products when leaving the factory reaches 100%).


  • LRB( lead rubber bearing) :LRB-Ⅰ、LRB-Ⅱ

    LRB( lead rubber bearing) :LRB-Ⅰ、LRB-Ⅱ

  • LNR(linear rubber bearing):LNR-Ⅰ、LNR-Ⅱ

    LNR(linear rubber bearing):LNR-Ⅰ、LNR-Ⅱ

  • Building Vibration Isolation Rubber Bearings

    Building Vibration Isolation Rubber Bearings

  • Elastic Sliding Bearing (ESB)

    Elastic Sliding Bearing (ESB)

  • HDR ( high damping rubber)

    HDR ( high damping rubber)

  • Rubber bearing for stair interval earthquake collapse

    Rubber bearing for stair interval earthquake collapse

  • Friction pendulum isolation bearing

    Friction pendulum isolation bearing

  • Metal damper

    Metal damper

  • BRB(buckling restrained brace)

    BRB(buckling restrained brace)

  • Viscous fluid damper

    Viscous fluid damper

  • Viscoleastic damper

    Viscoleastic damper

  • Friction damper

    Friction damper