Introduction to the basic principle of the damper

Update:14 Dec
The basic principle of the damper: the metal damper is a damper related to displacement. The displacement-related damper means that the vibration energy of the damper is dissipated through structural deformation, so that the damper works, and it is basically independent of the working speed of the damper and the strain rate of the material. At present, commonly used metal dampers mainly include mild steel dampers and lead dampers. The metal damper relies on the good ductility of the material to dissipate the vibration energy after yielding, which belongs to the internal friction damper of the crystal.

Structure method: Based on the research on passive energy dissipation and vibration reduction strategies, our company can customize various metal dampers for customers, and has a large-scale processing plant, which can independently complete the design and processing of metal dampers. Typical metal damper structures mainly include: lead extrusion damper, bearing damper, anti-buckling support, out-of-plane yield damper and in-plane yield damper, etc. At present, commonly used metal dampers mainly include mild steel dampers and lead dampers. Metal dampers have good ductility and can dissipate vibration energy after the material yields. It is a friction damper in crystals.

An anti-seismic (vibration) device for structures made of easy-to-yield, high-energy-consuming special metal materials (low carbon steel) or alloys, mainly using the inelastic properties of special soft steel plates to dissipate external input structures, such as earthquake energy It belongs to the energy dissipation (vibration) equipment related to displacement. The advantage of using low carbon steel plate is low yield point, strong and durable, and long-term maintenance-free (service life is 50 years). Seismic (vibration) performance is not affected by temperature. It is the most economical product in all energy dissipation and shock absorption equipment.


  • LRB( lead rubber bearing) :LRB-Ⅰ、LRB-Ⅱ

    LRB( lead rubber bearing) :LRB-Ⅰ、LRB-Ⅱ

  • LNR(linear rubber bearing):LNR-Ⅰ、LNR-Ⅱ

    LNR(linear rubber bearing):LNR-Ⅰ、LNR-Ⅱ

  • Building Vibration Isolation Rubber Bearings

    Building Vibration Isolation Rubber Bearings

  • Elastic Sliding Bearing (ESB)

    Elastic Sliding Bearing (ESB)

  • HDR ( high damping rubber)

    HDR ( high damping rubber)

  • Rubber bearing for stair interval earthquake collapse

    Rubber bearing for stair interval earthquake collapse

  • Friction pendulum isolation bearing

    Friction pendulum isolation bearing

  • Metal damper

    Metal damper

  • BRB(buckling restrained brace)

    BRB(buckling restrained brace)

  • Viscous fluid damper

    Viscous fluid damper

  • Viscoleastic damper

    Viscoleastic damper

  • Friction damper

    Friction damper