Talk about the application of viscous dampers in bridge shock absorption

Update:01 Dec
As a passive energy dissipation device, viscous dampers have been widely used in the earthquake protection of buildings and bridge structures, and some projects have successfully withstood the test of large earthquakes. People have carried out in-depth research on its energy consumption mechanism through experiments and theoretical methods, and put forward a reasonable constitutive model.
In recent years, there have been many engineering application examples in China. In the application of bridge shock absorption, the reasonable determination of the parameters of the viscous damper is the key issue in the shock absorption design. According to the complexity of the bridge structure, different research strategies are recommended:

For large-scale bridge structures such as cable-stayed bridges and suspension bridges, the dynamic characteristics are relatively complex. To use viscous dampers for shock absorption analysis of such bridges, it is necessary to establish a reasonable finite element full-bridge model. In addition, since the design and manufacture time of such bridges is generally very long, it is also possible to carry out comparative shock absorption analysis and design of viscous dampers in terms of time.
For ordinary beam bridges, on the one hand, its dynamic behavior can often be described by a finite particle system. For example, plate rubber bearings are often used to connect beam bridges in highway bridges, which can be simplified to two particle systems for consideration.
Furthermore, since the planning time of highway girder bridges is generally short, owners often hope to quickly estimate the cost of viscous dampers so that they can be included in the project budget in advance. Carrying out precise finite element modeling and solving for such bridges is not only meaningless, but also often cannot meet the constraints of engineering time.


  • LRB( lead rubber bearing) :LRB-Ⅰ、LRB-Ⅱ

    LRB( lead rubber bearing) :LRB-Ⅰ、LRB-Ⅱ

  • LNR(linear rubber bearing):LNR-Ⅰ、LNR-Ⅱ

    LNR(linear rubber bearing):LNR-Ⅰ、LNR-Ⅱ

  • Building Vibration Isolation Rubber Bearings

    Building Vibration Isolation Rubber Bearings

  • Elastic Sliding Bearing (ESB)

    Elastic Sliding Bearing (ESB)

  • HDR ( high damping rubber)

    HDR ( high damping rubber)

  • Rubber bearing for stair interval earthquake collapse

    Rubber bearing for stair interval earthquake collapse

  • Friction pendulum isolation bearing

    Friction pendulum isolation bearing

  • Metal damper

    Metal damper

  • BRB(buckling restrained brace)

    BRB(buckling restrained brace)

  • Viscous fluid damper

    Viscous fluid damper

  • Viscoleastic damper

    Viscoleastic damper

  • Friction damper

    Friction damper