What are the advantages of adhesive damper?

Update:24 Nov
Introduce the mechanical characteristics of fluid adhesive hinder, and simply talk about the use of adhesive damper in bridge shock absorption and reinforcement techniques, as well as the discussions of various types of bridge shock absorption. The lack of discussions, the planned open blueprint for the bridge to reduce shock absorption. The adhesive damper is mainly composed of three partial parts: cylinder cylinder, enlisting piston, and viscous silicone oil liquid. Linking principle: After the viscosity liquid flowing into the cylinder from the piston small hole, it reaches the shock absorption effect on the piston and cylinder to generate damping and consumes trembling energy.
The adhesion damping has the following advantages: the adhesive damping device does not activate the temperature, and it will not have a great impact on the function of the sticky damper due to the increase in temperature or landing. After the earthquake is not damaged, it does not need to be exchanged to continue to play a role. The adhesive damper once opened durable in the construction of the construction engineering. The many years of planning resumes are relatively rich. It has outstanding utilization and feasibility in the engineering scope, which has laid the foundation for its better implementation of the bridge scope.
The layout method of the adhesive damping device is activated, and the common layout types are wall, oblique, and K -shaped. Together the diversity of structure will not cause difficulties in the construction of the scene. As a speed -associated energy dispel energy device, the adhesive damping device will not add constructed stiffness and cause the earthquake force to increase. On the contrary, it can add structural damping, and then use the constructive displacement, speed, and acceleration response to make the structure more secure. Essence


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